North & South Somercotes
Bowls Club
The history of North Somercotes Bowls Club dates back to 1953 when the development of the playing fields started to take shape. Dates and details are sometimes vague and often contradictory. The people involved from the beginning are quite old and most are no longer here to confirm.
In its infancy it was under the wing of the Playing Fields, and it is from their books the first bowling green expenses and work were first incurred. Mr. W. Stubbs was involved with tractor work and Mr. H. Riggall was also involved. Bowling Green grass was purchased along with, in June 1954, a 16 inch Royal Blade Qualcast Mower, for £40 9s 6d.
During the early years, the end of the playing field nearest to Keeling Street was used by Mr. A. Donner for growing vegetables. His name crops up frequently in the development during the early years. He did a lot of voluntary work on the green. Many other names crop up, some people were paid three shillings an hour for their efforts. Many worked for nothing.
Mr. J. Jesney was paid £2 12s, three or four times a year for several years, for mole catching. Four dozen mole traps were bought. Mr. W. Dunham undertook the mole catching after Mr. Jesney, while in the 90's the Rev. Alan Barker did an excellent job. Wire netting was bought in 1958 and buried round the green to keep the moles out.
In 1962 another lawn mower was purchased for £45, and the Lindsey County Council gave a grant of £3.15s for the same.

In August 1962 Mr. Clarke dug a trench for water to be piped to the bowling green and the pavilion. This was erected on a base laid by Rooney and Hopper. Prior to its erection, an old chicken shed was used for storage and club house. The Green was extended in 1967/8. Many people were involved, headed by Mr. A. Donner, Mr. Ireland, Mr.C.Lowis, Mr.F.Harniess and others helped with tractors etc. Bowls matches had taken place since 1961 on a friendly basis, the club being for residents only in the early stages. It’s not clear when the first committee was formed, but in 1964 Mr.D.Wells was Chairman, S.Waller secretary and J.Cullum Treasurer with G.Ireland, D.Graham, B.Bishell, R.Jacklin, W.Clover and C.Lowis on the Committee.
The rent for 1970 was raised to £50, by which time trophies were being donated and played for within the club. The Vinter Cup, just for the Ladies, the Adlard for Men and then the Jackson, Clover Shield, Harrison Trophy, Cape Cup, Joan Stones Trophy, Butcher League Trophy, Jubilee trophy and the Silvester Cup each year. The Grant Thorold Rose Bowl was donated and has been played for each year since 1979

Friday night is kept soley for inter club league, and nearly every member joins in this “Get Together”. For several years the Johnson family took a leading part in the running of the Bowls Club. Mrs.B.Johnson was in the chair, Mrs.S.Johnson Secretary and Mr.D.Johnson tended the Green.

The Club membership is now  around the sixty mark and still rising. Many members have helped in the work on a voluntary basis. The pavilion has been improved out of all recognition. A small store built. A water system for the Green installed. This being achieved with considerable help by members and their families.

Further improvements are being planned for the Club. Changing rooms and our own club toilets. The Committee is looking forward to a bright future for the North Somercotes Bowls Club.

There are many names mentioned in this brief history, but the list could be multiplied many time if everyone who helped could be named or remembered.