North & South Somercotes
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Don’t be fooled into giving any information over the phone!

Card holders are being phoned by people pretending to be from the Security and Fraud department of their card provider. E.g. Visa, Master Card. They say that they are investigating a firm for fraud that has just deducted an amount from your card, but they will be crediting your account with this amount. They give you a reference number and tell you to contact the 0800 number on your card if you have any queries.

Then they ask if you have your card with you, as they need the last 3 digits of the number on the back of the card, so that they can repay you the money.

The real card company would know all the details on your card, as they issued it!

These 3 numbers are a security PIN number, and enable the caller to immediately take money from your account.

Phone the 0800 number on your card immediately, and report the scam.
New National Police Non Emergency Number – 101 (from 07/11/11)
Crime Stoppers 0800 555 111 Trading Standards 0845 4040506 – www.lincsalert.co.uk
PC 256 Ian Clark – Community Beat Manager – M. 70939 887685
Dean Warrilow – Police Community Support Officer – M. 07944 776874
Andrea Cave – Police Community Support Officer M. 07944 777016
Sally Read – Police Community Support Officer M. 07939 312767
Zaza Warren – Police Community Support Officer M. 07939 988780
We are receiving more reports of thefts from sheds and outbuildings at the moment, please ensure security measures are put in place to protect your property and report suspicious activity without delay.
All residents can now become members of Lincs Alert. This is a FREE messaging system, notifying residents of crime in their area. Please visit www.lincsalert.co.uk for more details and to sign up.
There are a number of ‘scams’ prevalent at the moment – some of these are internet based but many are in the form of letters or lottery type scams. Please remember if it sounds “Too good to be true” then it probably is.
Louth Rural Neighbourhood Policing Team
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Recently there has been an increase in criminal damage related incidents including fires being set in North Somercotes, these are mainly around the Luke Walmsley Pavilion and the Warren area behind Oasis Lakes.

Patrols have been increased and we are working in partnership with Arson Task Force and the Community Education Officer to prevent any further incidents.